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Welcome to our information page for publishers. Below you will find an overview of the work that our Promotions Department engages in to promote publishers and their titles to our customers.

Providing an excellent service to our customers is linked very closely to the strong cooperation that has been established and continues to be maintained between Starkmann and its suppliers. This cooperation is extremely valuable in ensuring that our customers receive the best possible service that we can provide at the best value. A close link with publishers helps us to give our customers accurate and timely information about new and forthcoming publications including also information on pre-publication, introductory and other special offers.

We have several ways in which we inform our customers about new publications that may be of interest to them. All of these services are provided without charge.

  • New Title Information (NTI) Service - All our customers are given the opportunity to set up subject profiles in which they can select the subjects that correspond to the areas of interest to their institutions. We regularly receive and also create bibliographic entries for new and forthcoming titles which we distribute by email to our customers. Customers may have as many or few subject profiles set up to meet the needs of not only their acquisitions staff, but also their faculty and staff members. Title announcements feature full bibliographic data and the majority also feature short descriptive abstracts. Our email NTI service is very popular and provides the fastest way for us to announce new and forthcoming titles to our customers.
  • Major Reference Works Bibliographies - Our highly popular biannual ‘Major Reference Works’ bibliographies feature new and forthcoming reference works, encyclopaedias, multi-volume sets, CD-ROMs, microfilm, microfiche and online products. We work very hard throughout the year to obtain from publishers the latest details of new and forthcoming publications and also of pre-publication and other special offers for inclusion in our bibliography. The bibliography regularly features on the cover and within its pages, works of contemporary art, some of which can be seen on display at our offices and also on this website. The art gives our bibliography a unique appearance and makes it easily identifiable as a Starkmann bibliography. Several publishers support our efforts in creating this publication by sponsoring advertisements. We are very thankful to our existing sponsors and are always happy to welcome additional support. Our mailing list includes approximately 2000 named librarians around the world.
  • Leaflet Mailing Program - In addition to the information we provide to our customers about new and forthcoming major reference publications in our 'Major Reference Works' bibliographies, we also undertake regular leaflet mailings. Leaflet mailings are restricted to include only single-title leaflets for titles of the type that we announce in our 'Major Reference Works' bibliographies. Only new or forthcoming titles are announced by us in this way. Customers can select to receive these mailings according to their areas of interest. Mailings occur at approximately fornightly intervals and help to inform our customers of the latest special and pre-publication offers.
  • Personal Sales Visits - Our sales team spends most of the year visiting our customers. Visits to the people we serve are highly valuable in maintaining excellent relations with our customers. A visit is also an opportunity for us to update a customer on any important news in the publishing world and also to provide the very latest details of new special offers.
If you are an academic publisher and would like to know more about how a cooperation with Starkmann could benefit our customers and the sales of your titles, please write to us at:

Promotions Dept.
Starkmann Limited
6-12 Broadley Street
London, NW8 8AE
United Kingdom

or email our Promotions Assistant